What is the 1000 Night Pledge?

Your confidence in the LUXI mattress is secured in four ways: “Try LUXI for 30 nights and take up to 100 nights to decide to keep it” and if there are changes in your sleep anytime during the first 1,000 nights, we'll use LUXI’s ability to be customized and keep things right at no additional charge.  All this, and a 10 warranty against material defects and poor workmanship and you’ve got the biggest confidence package offered by any online mattress retailer.  

LUXI’s “Adjustability" and ability to be “Customized”, make it a unique product:

  1. You must complete a (30) consecutive night Break-In Period.  Individual preferences take that long to develop.
  2. And, then you can return your LUXI anytime up to (100) nights if it’s not perfect for you.
  3. And, you can realize LUXI's custom potential to keep pace with your changing needs over the next (1,000) nights.
  4. And, you will always be protected against defects in materials or poor workmanship by our (10) year, non-prorated warranty.
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